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Equipment Specifications:

Mig welded 2" x 2" and 3" x 2" 11 gauge square steel tubing frames with a 10 year guarantee. Pads made with dimensional lumber and 3/4" plywood. The corners and edges are rounded and covered with a glued on 7 lb. density rebond foam, then finished with a double-stitched naugahyde, trimmed and hemmed so that staples are not exposed. The naugahyde covered pads are available in 85 rich colors at no extra charge. See our color page for color names and numbers.

A state-of-the-art powder coat, oven baked, paint finish. Frames are chemically cleaned and iron phosphate coated resulting in an extremely durable paint finish. Welded end caps standard.

Floor tabs are welded on so machines can easily be secured to the floor. All weight solid steel with black powder costed finish.

4200 lb 1/4" nylon coated aircraft cables. Unbreakable 6" solid steel (not cast) chrome plated pulleys which ride on a 1" axle with self-lubricating industrial bearings. Turned and polished 1" guide rods in place to allow smooth tracking of weight stacks. Guide rod top plates that are made from UHMW plastic to allow the guide rods to float quietly. Machines and benches are designed bio-mechanically and physiologically sound by people who utilize them. over 20 years of equipment design experience goes into each machine. They are designed to withstand the abuse of heavy duty workouts and still look impressive in your home or gym. No frills or wasted expense. Just sturdy, stately machines for people who want to workout, at every strength level, and do it safely, efficiently and bio-mechanically correct.

Quantity Discounts and Custom Designs Available.


0-90o Adjustable Bench
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Adjustable Incline
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Adjustable Decline
Sit Up Bench
R-15 W: 30" L: 24" H:48" 95lbs.
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Olympic Decline Bench
R-16 W: 24" L: 41" H:47" 60lbs.
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Olymplic Military Bench w/Aluminum Spotter Deck

R-21 W: 50" L: 34" H:65" 130lbs.
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Olymplic Flat Bench w/Adjustable Safety Spotters

R-105 W: 50" L: 50" H:48" 135lbs.
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